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How the story of Digi Wedding began

We - Sandra & Pēteris

After Sandra's proposal, great excitement and saying the word 'YES', we concluded that we should start planning the big event. Considering that we didn't have much experience in this field (we both got married for the first time), we didn't know where to start. We started by agreeing which of us would be responsible for the relevant part of the wedding event. Considering that I work in the IT field on a daily basis, I wanted to use as many ready-made products for administration processes as possible, but nothing better than I didn't find Google Sheets and Trello anyway.

Some of the planning work could be done this way, but it was inconvenient and unclear, not to mention the endless searches of all vendors, slow communication and date matching woes.

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The desire to be different

In addition to the complicated and painstaking planning process, of course we also wanted to be somewhat different from the 'classic' wedding format, so I designed our wedding website, where I put all the necessary information guests. I created a photo gallery, which the guests could add their own photos from their phones during the event; then we watched this photo gallery projected on the wall.

We incorporated a QR code into the wedding invitations , which was scanned, the guests got to the homepage, having already logged in to their guest profile. There they could see their place at the table, their sleeping place, as well as play an interactive game, competing with the other guests for the prize that we presented during the event.

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Start Digi Wedding

Looking back on everything, we can say that we had a great wedding, one could even say the best we have ever been to. Sandra and I laughed that we would really like to go to such a wedding ourselves - the guests were delighted with the format of the invitations and the modern 'features' of the website. As the excitement of the big event subsided, we realized that the planning process could also be made easier for other couples who want to get married by creating a wedding planning portal.

An individualized wedding website would give guests a new and modern format, as well as an inestimable benefit would be a single website where it would be possible to find all the necessary vendors, filtering by their availability on the wedding date, reviews, location or other parameters. Digi Wedding.

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